BJEN (Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network)

BJEN (Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network)


BJEN (Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network)

Community Organizing and Policymaking, Education and Institutions

* To create and provide resources that promote and enhance a deep understanding of Jewish environmentalism * To encourage increased advocacy for environmentally-sensitive values, behavior, legislation and public policy * To mobilize the wisdom, energy and resources of the Jewish community to improve the condition of the local environment through individual and collective action.

-- Working to Green Baltimore Jewry -- Furthering the creation of policies, practices and behaviors that enable individuals and society to thrive while tending well to the earth. -- Re-imagining the definition of a good life, a good community and a good economy in a spiritually fulfilling, socially just and environmentally sustainable manner - Promoting an attitude of awe, appreciation, and stewardship toward creation within the Baltimore Jewish community.

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